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Watch your closings skyrocket with a beautiful IDX website that uses AI and smart marketing to automatically generate leads and nurture them into clients.

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IDX Website Features

MLS Integration

Our IDX-integrated websites sync to your local MLS so that your site has up-to-date listings - both sold and active listings - with your listings at the top!

SEO Launchpad

Our IDX websites come fully optimized with our SEO Launchpad, and you can blast your SEO into another dimension with the SEO Boost add-on.

Lead Conversion Forms

Smart forms capture visitors' details, and the RocketMate Automated CRM (included) will automatically nurture that lead into a client!

Neighborhood Pages

We will create content-rich pages about your local neighborhoods so that you can establish yourself as the real estate authority in your area.

Market Reports

Detailed reports about your local markets are generated automatically, with stats including number of listings, list to sale price, days listed, and more.

Advanced Search

Advanced search features including map-based search, polygon search, sold listings, bed/bath filters, and much more are included with your real estate website.

Featured Listings

Showcase your listings by featuring them on your IDX website, allowing your visitors to see your listings first - leading to more closings!

Visitor Accounts

Visitors to your real estate website can create an account in order to save searches, get search notifications, market report notifications, and more.

Automated CRM Features

Easy-to-Use CRM

The RocketMate Automated CRM is a refreshing, user-friendly, visual CRM that makes keeping track of leads and deals a breeze!

Automated Follow-Up

RocketMate automates your follow-up, maximizing conversions with instant speed to contact while ensuring multiple touch points.

Drip Marketing

Set up a flow of communication to nurture leads into clients, including automated text messages, ringless voicemails, emails, and more!1

Visual Sales Pipeline

Never lose track of a deal again with RocketMate's drag-and-drop visual sales pipeline, which allows you to quickly & easily see all of your deals.

Phone + Dialer

Not only can you make and receive calls from the RocketMate Automated CRM, our Power Dialer allows you to dial up to 10 lines at once!

2-Way Texting

Send and receive text messages, including automated text messaging within drip campaigns, bulk broadcasts, and direct one-on-one messaging.1

Ringless Voicemails

Save time by recording a voicemail just once and dropping it to your contacts as a ringless voicemail - which can even be automated in a drip campaign!1

Email Marketing

Automated email marketing is included with the platform, as well as a centralized inbox to view both sent and received emails from your contacts.

Call Bridge

Centralized Inbox

Appointment Scheduling

Video Email

Direct Mail

Forms & Surveys

Customizable Reports

Circle Prospecting

Unlimited Contacts

Connect Lead Sources

Pre-Built Campaigns

Unlimited Users

Beautiful, Responsive
Website Designs

RocketMate's IDX websites are beautifully designed with bold, modern looks. Every site is fully optimized for mobile and tablets, meaning your real estate website will look great on any device!

We will also customize your website before launch so it matches the look and feel of your brand. Get rid of your boring, stale real estate website and stand out from the other real estate agents in your area with a fresh RocketMate website!

 Beautiful, Modern Designs
 Customized to Your Brand
 Tweaked as You See Fit
 Fully Responsive for Mobile
 Fully Responsive for Tablets
 Created & Launched Quickly!

On-Page MLS Integration
Your SEO Superpower

RocketMate's IDX real estate websites include integration with your local MLS so visitors can search active and sold listings without ever leaving your site. This MLS data is displayed directly on your website (not in an iFrame or on some other page), which means your website will get all of the SEO advantages of having an up-to-date MLS feed!

Having all of this listing data on your website is your new SEO superpower, driving organic traffic to your website without you having to lift a finger! We also pre-optimize every website for SEO superiority, known as our SEO Launchpad, and you can also add our SEO Boost add-on if you'd like to skyrocket your SEO!

 MLS Integration
 Active & Sold Listings
 Displayed Directly Onsite
 Advanced Search Features
 Featured Listings
 Detailed Market Reports

Showcase Local Neighborhoods
And Show Your Expertise

We will work with you to build content-rich pages about your local neighborhoods, including a description, school information, walk score, and much more! This not only provides excellent content for your visitors (boosting SEO along the way), but also positions YOU as the local real estate expert for each of these neighborhoods.

Set yourself apart from the sea of other realtors by providing quality information and establishing yourself as the go-to real estate resource for your local neighborhoods.

Capture & Convert
Leads into Clients

Generate, nuture, and convert new leads while you sleep! Every successful agent needs leads and a great system to convert them from leads into clients.

RocketMate's IDX websites automatically generate new leads through smart conversion forms and sends them to the RocketMate CRM to be nurtured into clients via automated drip marketing.

RocketMate also makes it easy to connect all of your other lead sources directly to the RocketMate CRM, allowing you to manage all of your leads in one platform regardless of the source.

 Direct Integrations
 Custom API
 CSV Upload
 Email Parsing

Automated Follow-Up
With Drip Marketing Campaigns

Put Your Follow-Up on Autopilot!

Automate your follow-up using customizable drip marketing campaigns with automated text messages, ringless voicemails, emails, and more. Maximize sales conversions with instant speed to contact and multiple touch points!1

Pre-Built Campaigns
RocketMate comes with pre-built, customizable marketing campaigns that you can start using on day one to engage with your prospects and clients. Don’t waste time honing your copywriting skills… we’ve got you covered!

 Ringless Voicemails1
 2-Way Text Messages1
 Phone Calls1
 Email Marketing
 Video Emails
 Direct Mail & Gifts

Visual Sales Pipeline
With Drag & Drop Organization

Keeping track of all your open deals has never been easier!

RocketMate makes it easy to visualize your entire sales pipeline at a glance. Easily track prospects as they transition from a new lead to a new client to a closed deal.

You can add deals, associate a value, project an estimated close date, and more. You can even trigger automations by simply dragging a deal from one stage to another.

 Visual Pipeline
 Click & Drag Interface
 Intuitive Design
 Automation Triggers
 Custom Pipelines
 Unlimited Pipelines

Easy Scheduling
With Online Appointment Booking

RocketMate automates your scheduling with our online appointment booking widget, which is synced with your calendar to only allow appointments when you're available.

Prospects, clients, partners and more can quickly and easily schedule an appointment with you and avoid going back and forth about which time works best for everyone involved.

 Easy Online Booking
 Automated Reminders
 Follow-Up Campaigns
 Calendar Syncing
 Shareable Link
 And More!

Choose Your Plan

Choose a yearly plan to save $10/mo - and we'll waive any setup fees!
* IDX Website plans include one MLS feed. Additional MLS feeds are $25/mo for solo agents and $50/mo for teams/brokerages. MLS pass-thru fees are not included in the pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have an unanswered question after checking out the FAQ? Live chat with us!

General FAQ

  • Getting started with RocketMate is a quick process. The first step to get started is to choose your plan. Then you'll just need to provide a bit of info, and you'll be up and running in no time!

  • Absolutely! We want you to succeed, so we have created a step-by-step video guide to walk you through the initial setup process, as well as a support center that is filled with video tutorials. If you've checked the support center and still need help, our highly-trained team members are available via Live Chat!

  • Yes! If you choose yearly billing instead of monthly, the price is discounted by $10/mo and we'll waive the setup fee!

  • No contracts, no commitments! You are free to change plans at any time, and you're free to cancel at any time (but you probably won't want to!).

    There are no refunds for plans that are billed monthly. For plans that are billed annually, you can receive a refund if you cancel within 30 days, minus one month of service in addition to a $99 cancellation fee which covers the initial setup.

Automated CRM FAQ

  • Simply click here to start your 14-day free trial. Once you've created your account, we have a short video tutuorial that quickly walks you through the first few steps of getting your account set up for success, and then we have an library full of short video tutorials so you can quickly & easily learn how to use RocketMate to its full potential.

  • As with all platforms that offer automated text messaging and ringless voicemails, there are very minimal costs associated with some forms of contact: 1¢ per SMS, 3¢ per MMS, 4¢ per RVM, 1.5¢ per minute for phone calls, 1¢ per minute for call recordings, and $2/mo per virtual phone number. Emails and video emails are free. These costs are simply passed along from the underlying service that provides them - we don't make any profit from these charges.

  • Drip marketing campaigns are an extremely powerful tool that will help you close more deals in less time. When you assign a contact to a drip marketing campaign, they will go through an automated flow of contacts that you've set up.

    For example, with RocketMate you can have every new lead go into a campaign which you could set up to immediately send the contact a text message and a ringless voicemail, then an email on day 2 at 10am, another text message on day 4 at 12pm, another ringless voicemail on day 5 at 3pm... and so on.1

    This is all fully automated - once you set up the campaign, it automatically reaches out to your leads and contacts on your behalf!

    Watch the demo for a closer look!

  • Yes, not only do you get a full phone system that will allow you to make and receive all of your calls (go ahead and cancel RingCentral or other phone systems you may have), but we also have a Power Dialer (beta) that allows you to dial up to 10 lines at once!

    The phone system and Power Dialer are included with every plan at no additional cost.

  • Absolutely! You can simply export your contacts to a CSV file, and upload that CSV file into RocketMate. It's a very straightforward process, but we also have a step-by-step video tutorial to help you along the way, and our team is available via Live Chat if you have any questions.

IDX Website FAQ

  • The first step is to choose your plan, then you'll provide a bit of information to get us started. Next, you'll set up a time to meet with one of our amazing web designers via Zoom so we can figure out exactly how we'll need to customize your website to fit your needs. You'll get immediate access to the RocketMate Automated CRM, and your RocketMate IDX website will typically be ready for you within 3-7 days.

  • Yes, every website includes one MLS feed. Additional MLS feeds are $25/mo for solo agents and $50/mo for teams/brokerages. MLS pass-thru fees are not included in the pricing, and you are responsible for paying those fees, if applicable (your MLS may or may not charge a pass-thru fee - click here to check).

  • Our team/brokerage websites allow you to have individual profiles for each agent, and each agent gets a login to the RocketMate Automated CRM. The base cost covers the first agent, and each additional agent is $15/mo.

  • Web hosting is included in our IDX Website packages, however a domain name is not. You can stick with the default domain ( or you can use your own domain name. This is quick and easy to set up, and we'll take care of everything for you in the initial onboarding process.


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